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Welcome to Ann Mary School!

The School was founded in the year 1985 by Dr. Deepak Arora and his German wife Mrs. Silvia Anna Maria Wieczorek. The name of the School “ANN MARY” is a part of the maiden name of Mrs. Arora. Anna and Maria (Ann and Mary) were the names of the two grandmothers of Mrs. Arora. Just before the school began, she inherited a nominal amount of money from these two good souls and these funds were also used to build the school. Considering their kindness and the easy pronunciation of Ann Mary (A for Anna) for the children we decided to call the school Ann Mary

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ANN MARY SCHOOL Monthly Fee Schedule with effect from April 2020 CLASS TUITION FEE PKG to Vth 3100 VIth to VIIIth 3327 IX to Xth 3630 XIth to XIIth 4213 Pay online ( www.annmaryschool.com) or at Union Bank of India, Wadia Branch, GMS Road) Note: Concession for real brother/ Sister on tuition fee Rs.73 monthly per child per month.
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