Welcome to Ann Mary School

Mrs. Anuradha Joshi, Chairperson

Live, Learn and Play in Peace

The school was founded in the year 1985 by Dr. Deepak Arora and his German wife Mrs. Silvia Anna Maria Wieczorek. The name of the school “ANN MARY” is a part of the maiden name of Mrs. Arora. Anna and Maria (Anna and Mary) were the names of the two grandmothers of Mrs. Arora. Just before the school began, she inherited a nominal amount of money from these two good souls and these funds were also used to build the school. Considering their kindness and the easy pronunciation of Ann Mary (A for Ann and M for Maria) for the children they decided to call the school Ann Mary.

As chairperson, I am honoured to lead this school, supported by talented and dedicated colleagues and  a deeply motivated governing body. We work at school in a team spirit built on positive relationships, rewarding students for working hard and making the right choices in life.

We aspire to provide each student with the best educational opportunities that transform potential into academic and social achievement. Teachers and staff have high aspirations for our students and support them to be the best version of themselves and excel in every field of education.

We are committed to the pursuit of academic development at the highest level. This is built on foundations of resilience, confidence and independence and we regularly commemorate students' who have achieved significant academic milestones. Students are encouraged to apply skills in both curricular and extra-curricular activities, with the opportunity to excel in art, drama, music and sport, as well as the chance to play a role in the wider community by taking part in charity events as well.

Ann Mary School is a diverse community, founded on respect, honesty and equality. At the heart of our success is the strength of partnership that exists between students, staff and parents.